Why Cardio isn't enough...

This is always a subject that sparks a debate.......but hear me out!

I am not against cardio any way, its essential for health and fitness, and if your doing any form of exercise your ahead of most, BUT as we need to more than cardio exercise.


This means to change the shape and strength of the muscle, it does not necessarily mean the muscles has to get bigger.



As we age, we naturally start to lose muscle mass at a rate of 3-5% per year and this can start as young as 30! If you add strength training to your exercise program, you can start to fight this and regain some of that required strength. If your a woman going through the menopause, hormone changes may make it harder to gain muscle so the earlier you start strength training, the better prepared your body will be for the changes that come with age.


Lean Muscle mass boosts your metabolism, and your muscles need nutrition to thrive whereas fat is just lazy and needs nothing! If you have increased muscle mass your body uses food more efficiently, whereas increased body fat does is just dead weight. Increasing your lean muscle mass can totally transform the way you look. This may not be reflected on the scale but will be noticed in the fit of your clothes, or in photos which is why I always recommend progress photos!


The endorphin rush you feel after working out leaves you feeling invincible. The feeling of a strong body and strong mind, and can literally change your world!


While the main purpose of our muscular system is movement, another purpose of is maintenance of posture. I mean that our muscles protect and support our skeleton, and by building a strong body we are protecting our joints from injury.


Often overlooked is the other health benefits from strength training and building muscle from hypertrophy. Having a good functioning body with a good metabolism can help us fight some of the diseases and illnesses which come with age. Supporting our bodies against osteoporosis is essential if we are going to enjoy our life moving forward.

If you are exercising but lack a structured exercise plan, you may not achieving what is possible for both your body and mind, If you are strength training, have reached a plateau and need to take it to the next level. If you are not exercising already you need to start!

Which ever group you come into, heres what you need to do........

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