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I'm dedicating todays post to something that really infuriates me for a number of reasons, but first let me tell you I am not a total b****. I do believe that this has a place, but it is being misused and leading people to falsely believe that its benefiting them. I wish I could get emojis on this site, this would be a great place for a head slap one.

How many of you have a watch or an app on your phone to count your steps daily?

Isn't it freaking great? Your watch counts when you move your arm too........so how many steps are you actually doing?

Step Counters are a method which was devised to get sedentary people moving more, which is a great idea. Nowadays though there is a craze to get 10000 steps daily which is good too.

Now for the BUT......

Step counters are used by people to count their daily step, whatever they are doing. People count the steps when they are going about their normal day to day life - walking to the bathroom, walking from your door to the car, every time you walk from your sofa to the fridge to get a beer or a snack........How does any of this actually count as proper exercise??

It doesn't!

Hence why I think that step counters are being misused, and are misleading people into thinking they are more active than they actually are!

My opinion is that step counters should be used to count steps that are actual exercise, so when you go for a walk aim to get 5000 steps in and that can be counted as exercise not walking to the fridge to get your next snack!

If you wish to utilise a step counter to your advantage, set your daily limit to 5000-10000 higher than your normal daily activity level. So if you've been wearing your tracker for normal activities and you log 8000 steps daily, increase your limit so your hitting at least 13000.

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