The Real Diet Story

No, I haven't lost the plot!! This cartoon shows it better than I can ever say it.

Welcome to the truth . To the reality of dieting. To the before/after/after-after which is hidden from you by you diet club, online slimming club, magazines, social media yet is glaring us in the face daily.

Diets have a 99.5% failure rate.

Only 1 in 200 people ever get to target weight and keep it off.

What we hear is that "WW/SW/Intermitent fasting/calorie counting helped me lose 3 stone, so it DOES work WHEN you follow it" closely followed by "I mean, I put the weight back on."

We credit the diet when we lose the weight, yet blame ourselves when we gain it back. I am here to tell you that : The diet CAUSES YOU to gain the weight back. Not you being greedy/ having no willpower/ being addicted to chocolate or whatever. This isn't your fault but it is a direct result of dieting(proven by science), and this is totally solvable.

If these diets worked you would do them once and be slim for life. You wouldn't ever gain the weight back, and you certainly wouldn't have to rejoin to your slimming club - multiple times.

Unless you stick to the diet, or a version of it, for life you will not keep the weight off. If you come off that diet plan, you are likely to pile any weight lost back on. On and off plan for the next 50 years is not sustainable , healthy or an enjoyable way to live.

I'm here to show you there is another way, where you can lose weight healthily without diets, without feeling restricted.

If you ready to end dieting forever we need to talk!

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