The D Word

Lets talk diets. Any one that knows me knows how much I hate this word and everything associated with it!

But thats another story for another post!

DIET The word used when people talk about weight loss. The word that is thrown around in the media. There are so many DIETS on the market ensuring quick results by living on minimal food intake, replacing food with shakes or soups, excluding food groups, counting checks or syns- That very word implies bad!Its a minefield! But there is one thing I can guarantee, all DIETS will give short term results!

Have you ever followed the plan to a T, then after you've reached your goal you automatically go back to your old way of eating.........and guess what? yip you gain the weight you lost and some more! Soul Destroying. All that hard work undone in a very short period of time.


I know I will get some backlash for this bold statement but its TRUE!

Let me share with you why?


ok, when we speak about a diet we normally give it an end date such as an event we want to go to, or a size we want to be and once we reach this or the event is over we go back to our 'normal' way of eating, which since we haven't changed our eating habits is going to result in the same outcome as before - weight gain.


All diets focus on restriction. Think about it. You focus on restricting calories or Eliminating a food group, or counting what you eat in some form - checks, syns. With all of these methods it does not matter what you eat as long as you stay within your daily target - You could consume your daily allowance in chocolate and wine, does that make you healthy?

Restriction automatically makes you want what you shouldn't be having, and so sets you up for failure from the start.


With diets which focus on restricting calories and food groups, the weight you lose is combined of some fat, water and muscle loss. When your not getting adequate food, your body starts breaking down your muscles for fuel. Sadly muscle loss also means that your metabolic rate gets reduced. Simply put, your metabolic rate controls how many calories your body needs to function and survive before you take into account any activities. So by lowering your metabolic rate your also lowering how many calories you need to survive - Not good! The higher your lean muscle mass, the more you can eat without gaining weight get my point! You also need your lean muscle mass to support your bones, and keep you fit and able........breaking down your muscles also put you at greater risk of injury.


The name given to losing weight and gaining weight repeatedly. It can wreak hormonal havoc by increasing the hormone Cortisol. Cortisol the stress hormone can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes .

This cycle can cause undue strain on the bodies vital organs, and cause damage due to inadequate nutrition. Decreased food intake can lead to nutrient deficiencies which may cause damage to bones and the immune system too.

So what do you do............You stop the dieting. You start a healthy lifestyle in where you fuel your body properly with whole foods-not processed, and take exercise daily to maintain your lean muscle mass. By combining sensible eating with daily exercise you will soon lose unwanted weight and keep it off!

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