The 3 Biggest Mistakes Vegans Make...

So you have decided to turn vegan, you know you need to eliminate all meat, fish, dairy, eggs and anything containing anything with those ingredients........So what do you eat?

Pasta of course!!

NO seriously this a trend I see amongst vegetarians and vegans alike. They give up animal produce and automatically substitute everything with pasta!

While a vegan diet is healthy as there is very little saturated fat, a vegan diet can quickly become very unhealthy dependant on the choices made.

1- You replace every thing with pasta. Where protein was a base for your meals before you now have pasta instead.

Pasta is a healthy choice but only if eaten in proper portion control. Swapping in pasta will soon see your waistline increase.

Instead try to focus on increasing your portions of vegetables, adding in beans and legumes where you would have had meat/fish. Chickpeas, Lentils, kidney beans, are all great sources of protein, as is quinoa, chai seeds and hemp. Try to add a protein source to every meal. It helps create satiety.

2- You have Nuts or seeds for all snacks.

They are healthy and are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, when we over indulge they to will have an affect on our waistline as they are very high in fat.

Try to eat only one serving per day which is the equivalent of 12 almonds, 8 walnut halves, 12 peanuts, 8 cashews. Please also choose raw, unsalted varieties. Too much salt can contribute to high blood pressure, instead add chilli powder or other seasoning for flavour.

Other great snack alternatives are fruit, vegetable sticks and hummus, Homemade cereal bars.

There are some great snack products on the market, but as always be careful when choosing processed foods as they are high in chemicals and toxins which have adverse effects on the body.

3- You eat too little calories.

Vegetables although dense are not very high in calories, so sometimes we can actually be eating too little. This can put our bodies into a famine mood where we gain weight. Signs to watch out for- are you constantly tired? feeling lethargic? gaining inches although your not really eating?

If you are, you could possibly be eating to little.

I recommend a portion controlled diet whether your vegan or not, which focuses on balanced macros which will ensure your getting enough of all food groups. The system is super easy to follow, if you would like more info send me an email at

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