Sliding and looping!

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

I've been asked lots about my favourite pieces of equipment, thats not dumbbells!

These are it Sliders and Resistance Loops!!

They add a new dimension to any exercise move.

Sliders make you work the muscle in both the eccentric and concentric contraction. Basically this means that you keep the muscle under tension for longer. Normally when working out the tension is only on the muscle in one phase of the movement- either the eccentric or concentric, or if your doing a hold the isometric. Keeping the muscles under tension make them work harder (obviously) and so develops strength without adding weights.

Resistance loops, my other favourites, also require you to place the muscles under tension for longer during moves. They are great for activating smaller muscle groups. Compound moves such as squats use primarily the bigger muscle groups but when we add resistance loops we activate the smaller underlying stabilising muscles too.

Both sliders and loops can be added to normal body weight exercises to add extra resistance.

I have tried many varieties of both sliders and loops. Most sliders are quite small, and dependant on your floor coverings may not actually slide. I love the sliders I use as they have a 'sock' and can be used on carpets, Lino, wood or concrete! They are slightly larger then other sliders I have tried to which means you can get your foot positioned better, especially if you've larger feet- like me!

Resistance loops, there are so many varieties out there with differing strengths. I have tried lot s of these too. Some of the loops are made with very 'thin' elastic which means they roll when using and dig into your limbs which is really sore and means you spend most of your time adjusting them rather than working out. Some are also quite narrow, I mean about 1 inch in height which isn't really enough. They variety I like are wider and thicker so are more comfortable. There are varying resistances and most will come in packs of 3. Obviously start with lighter resistance and work your way up when you get stronger. It is perfectly ok to double loop too for added resistance.

Here are the links to the Sliders and Loops that I recommend!

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