Runners Do Not Need to Strength Train!

Running is one of the easiest sports to enter into. You need minimal equipment, not even a pair of trainers is required, you can run barefoot after all!!

Running is something that we did naturally as children, so its relatively second nature. We may be slower, and have less endurance but that improves the more we do it, and when we see improvements its very addictive and we naturally want to keep pushing ourselves.

Sadly as we ramp up the miles we also run the risk(pardon the pun) of injury. Most runners neglect both stretching and strength training thinking that they do not need it.

Whilst running is a great cardiovascular exercise, sadly it does not strengthen muscles, and any muscles weaknesses will become more apparent the more your run.

Runners overlook strength training for a number of reasons but one is that they think that it will make them bulky and heavier, and runners have a great desire to remain as light as possible as carrying extra mass slows them down!

Sadly most runners only start strength training after injury as rehabilitation, but if started earlier it will not only help prevent injury but also improve their running.

As runners you want to improve your leg strength but you should also focus on your core muscles. When you start strength training pay close attention to your form and making sure you complete the exercise properly.

Lower Body Strengthening Exercises

Squats are excellent, and the addition of resistance loops ensures the engagement of the glutes.

Front Lunges

Walking Lunges

Calf Raises


Hip Bridges

Core Exercises



Russian twists

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