Orange Peel Skin!

The dreaded cellulite, the dimply skin that can make your thighs resemble the skin of an orange.

If you are lucky enough not to have the dreaded 'C' word think yourself lucky.

Cellulite does not play favourites and contrary to belief it is not related to your size or shape. You can be super skinny and still have cellulite!

Cellulite is not fat!

Having cellulite does not mean you are fat!

Let me explain, simply.

Cellulite is caused by toxins being stored in your fat cells. Now everyone has fat cells, and you can not change this but you can reduce the toxins you are putting in your body and so reduce the likelihood that they are stored and cause this dimply skin effect.

So what do I mean by toxins?

Well toxins are chemicals which your body struggles to breakdown and remove from your body. To your body chemicals are basically a poison and your body has to work extra hard to break them down and flush them from your body, and as a direct result these can be stored within your fat cells giving that orange peel skin look.

The biggest change you can make to your lifestyle to help reduce cellulite is to eliminate processed foods from your 'diet'( and by diet I mean nutrition plan). All processed foods contain chemicals to prolong the life of that food. Have you ever read a label and gone 'Whats that?' If you don't know what it is, you definitely should not be consuming it!! I try to encourage eating food in as natural a form as possible, and eating foods that don't require a label eg fresh fruit and vegetables - although you should always wash to remove chemicals and toxins.

Staying hydrated is important too. All your body functions require water to function properly, and without it they can not flush out the toxins or do other vital functions. Aim to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces daily, more if its hot or you exercise. eg if you weigh 150lbs, aim to drink at least 75floz daily. Try to have at least 10floz first thing daily to help flush out the toxins produced whilst you've been sleeping. During sleep your body does lots of recovery and repair work which produce toxins that need eliminated, and drinking water as soon as you wake kickstarts this process. Add the juice from half a lemon for increased benefit.

Body brushing can also help breakdown the toxins that have been stored within cells and help them to be eliminated. Spend 5 minutes each morning dry brushing prone areas such as your thighs. Ensure you use a firm brush, and brush in an upward motion.

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