Is The Number On The Scale Increasing With The Number Of Candles On Your Cake?

Are you noticing as you get older, that despite no change to your nutrition the number on the scale is slowly creeping up?

And despite your best efforts you find it hard to lose the weight gained?

Are you a victim of the "middle aged spread"?

This was me a few years back. The number on the scale, as well as the size of my jeans was increasing and despite my best efforts nothing I did worked. I dieted, I ran, I ran more. I added cycling too. I reduced my food intake some more but then I learned the real reason why I couldn't meet my goals!

As the number of candles on the cake increase we experience other changes too, one of them being a reduction in muscle mass over time. From the age of 30 our muscle mass naturally decreases at a rate of about 3-5% per decade and a s a direct result we start to see other changes, one being we gain weight more readily.

Muscle is our fat burning machine!

The more muscle mass we have, the more calories our bodies need to function daily(our Basal metabolic rate, BMR), and when we lose muscle mass our BMR also decreases and hence we our bodies do not require the same quantity of fuel to function each day and so we feel ourselves slowly gaining weight unless we make some changes.


Like me, many of us initial reaction is to go on a 'diet', as a way of reducing our food intake and losing the weight we've gained. This may work at first but when we restrict our calories we risk losing muscle mass as well as fat, which will slow our metabolism even further. The result being that when finish our diet and go back to normal eating we gain the weight back and more.


We will then also add exercise to our daily routine in a bid to increase our daily expenditure( burn calories) but not all exercise is created equal.

Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, running or cycling is the exercise of choice for most as it was for me, which is great, but there are other choices which will serve you better.

You see cardio only burns calories whilst you are performing it, and it does not help solve the root of the problem - the loss of muscle mass.

The Solution

If we want to achieve our goals we need to address the root of the problem, the decrease in muscle mass. We can do this by adding Resistance/Weight training to increase your muscle mass and so begin to reduce the impact of atrophy caused by ageing. In addition to increasing your muscle mass, resistance/weight training will also increase bone density, strength, and balance.

Women sometimes fear weight training incase they get 'bulky', but this will not happen. You can read more about that here.

If you are new to weight training following a structured program is important to prevent injury as well as ensuring you are including progressive overload to continuously challenge you. There are various online programs available if you do not have access to a personal trainer -I love the variety available here. This site is great value for money, with 100's of programs all delivered by master trainers. You can even try for 2 weeks FREE!

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