5 Tips to Stop Binge Eating

I remember the days.......when I would consume an entire pack of biscuits or a tub of ice cream.

The sad part was that it wasn't because I was hungry, or particularly liked any of it but I did it to punish myself.

I felt this overwhelming guilt when I missed an important event of the girls due to work, shouted at them when I was tired and frustrated.....when I felt like I had failed them. At that dark moments I used to literally eat until I was sick.

It took me years to identify the trigger, and even then it was so hard to break this destructive cycle I had fallen into.

Nowadays I have this under control and help others who experience similar feelings overcome this destructive path.

My top 5 tips for eliminating Binge Eating

1- Identify your trigger.

It could be extreme hunger, stress, guilt. But 99% of the time the trigger is linked to an emotion and binge eating is the control mechanism we use.

2-Stop Dieting, Restricting and Depriving Yourself

When we cut back drastically on food intake our bodies go into what is called starvation mode, which can often lead to binging.

Instead feed your body nutritious foods and eat mindfully.

3-Stop labelling foods as 'good' and 'bad'

Labelling foods can lead to food guild and cause emotional eating. If feeling Emotional we will always reach for the foods we have labelled as 'bad' which further enhances the binge eating trigger.

4-Listen to your body.

Sometimes we eat out of boredom or habit but really we should be tuning into our bodies needs. Sometimes we mistake thirst as hunger. Next time you feel 'Hungry' think about what your body really needs, drink water first before eating. If your really hungry eat without feeling guilty, if your not hungry go for a walk, do something other that eat!


Stress often leads to comfort eating, so its important that you try and lower your stress levels.

Practice relaxed breathing, maybe try meditation or yoga. Daily exercise is great for lowering stress due to the endorphins released. Take some time for yourself each day and do something you enjoy.

If you would like advice please send me an email; karenfenderfitnessandwellness@gmail.com

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