21 Days to a new you!

I am so freaking excited to announce that I have just completed another nutrition focused qualification!

This is THE same course that helped me overcome years of restricted eating, cutting calories to the max and basically starving myself.

The turning point came 18 months ago. I thought I had overcome my eating 'disorder' but in reality I had just swapped starvation for extreme exercise so I could burn off every single thing I ate.

After I tore my ACL I could not exercise, I was scared but what was my darkest moment turned out to be the best thing that ever happened!

I found a nutritional system that worked for me! It did not involve counting calories or macro's- After years of counting calories, I focused on reducing them to as low as possible.

When I trained as a PT, Nutritionist and Lifecoach I learned about macros. Sadly this was another maths lesson in which I got unhealthily obsessed with the numbers, weighing food and would focus on restriction instead of health although I obviously new the harm I was doing.

The new nutrition method removed the maths lesson from eating, it removed weighing but instead focused on learning healthy portion control, and eating for your body needs and requirements.

This system worked for me, and I have supported ladies in using this system for the last 18 months. I am so excited to be qualified in delivering this method so I can support women move away from focusing on calorie counting, and weighing food and instead focus on their health and wellbeing!

If you would like to be part of my new nutrition focused group,

send me an email at karen@fenderfitnessandwellness.com

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