Superfood Smoothie

Start your day with a shake that provides energy, curbs cravings and is packed with vitamins and minerals.
I always start the day with a superfood
Prior to finding this amazing shake I had tried various protein powders looking for a quick tasty breakfast but everything tasted gritty and chalky. By mid morning I was hungry and looking for my next fix. 
I was anaemic, and deficient in just about all essential vitamins and minerals due to my celiac disease. I had tried various multivitamins but nothing helped my deficiencies. 
This amazing Superfood Shake not only provides 17g of protein per serving also provides  vital vitamins and minerals. 

Since I started having this Superfood Smoothie daily, I am no longer deficient in any nutrient.

I have also found that I no longer struggle with sugar cravings, and my energy levels have increased. 

My favourite is the Vegan Chocolate, although there are various flavours  in both vegan and normal. The Vegan variety contains pea protein and the normal contains whey protein. 


Rise and Grind!

I like to workout every morning, nice and early whilst the rest of the household is still asleep. I struggle with eating as soon as I get up, and found that as a result I could not push myself in my workouts, and so could not get the results I wanted. 

I tried various Pre-Workout Supplements, but they all had varying effects. Some made me feel queasy, some make me very jittery, some caused tummy issues- not good! 

Thankfully a friend recommended this Pre-workout, and I've never looked back. drink it 20 minutes prior to working out, no jitters, no stomach issues and Lots of energy to push myself to during my workout, increased endurance.

The Doms

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

No Pain, No Gain, we've all said it. Muscle soreness is an inevitable part of progress. When we workout we are causing tiny tears in the muscles which need to repair in order for the muscle to grow stronger and this will cause muscle fatigue and soreness. 

Sometimes that muscle pain is worse the second day after working out, but I've found that since I've started using Recover my muscle soreness and fatigue has been greatly reduced as well as having noticeable gains in my muscle tone and strength.

Recover contains BCAA's - Branch Chain Amino Acids which are crucial to muscle recovery. 

Who Trains the Trainer?

As a Personal Trainer I was always under the impression that I didn't need a coach, I could write my own plan.

Yes I could write my own plan, but I found that I struggled to implement it.

  • I did not push myself.

  • I changed the exercises when I could not do something or didn't feel like doing it

  • I did not train smart. I completed a full body workout everyday which was not allowing my body to recover, and limiting my own progress.

I started my search for a personal trainer of my own, one that would push me out of my comfort zone to reach my own goals.

I struggled. I could not find a trainer willing to train myself at 4.30am locally and that is when I looked online and found an amazing company. 

They offered an app with over 700 workouts, which I could complete in the comfort of my own home. All the workouts were trainer led, all included the progression I needed, and included was a free support group where the trainers and coaches offered advice and support.

 I just needed to show up every morning and complete the program for that day. Every week is different so I never get bored, and this also avoids plateaus. 

There is such a vast range of workouts that there is something suitable for all abilities and tastes - dance, cardio, weights, pre & postnatal, yoga. 

Its amazing what can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes per day with a structured program.

I have since joined this amazing company as a Coach, thoroughly recommend this product. 

There is a fantastic offer on at present where you can receive an years access to the workouts and a FREE month supply of my favourite Pre & Post workout Shake at a saving of £112!! 

Click the button to take advantage of this amazing offer. 

Virtual Bootcamp

Virtual Bootcamps  or Challenge Groups are just the best!!

I love them, and so does the hundreds of women and men that take part!

Throughout the Virtual Bootcamps we have access to our own coach and a VIP support and motivation group(challenge group) where like minded people are all working towards their own health and wellness goals. 

The support and encouragement is second to none, and I love the community that has grown with in the group.

We all work together through a program from the website, and check-in daily. This keeps us accountable to our goals as well as encouraging others not to give up.

There are daily motivation posts, access to recipes, meal plans and lots more!