I believe that a healthy mind begins with a healthy body, and that starts with exercise and nutrition. 

When you feel physically strong, you feel mentally strong.

Over my years a Personal Trainer I have found that women, myself included,

put ourselves at the end of a very long list of to do's and priorities.

We are bottom of the pile so to speak, and often that leads to us not taking

time for us when we should actually be prioritising our health and wellbeing.

We as women, by nature, are nurturers and we will give everyone our last. 

When we keep giving, and not nurturing ourselves as we would others we become

tired, frazzled. Our patience is low, we are literally running on empty -

you wouldn't expect your car to run without fuel and maintenance,

and our mind and bodies are the same, they require nurturing to keep going. 

It is only when we become ill, even for a short period of time that we realise the

impact of not taking the time to nurture our bodies has on our families.

I believe that we should take time each and everyday for ourselves. I know that initially you may feel selfish taking that 30 minutes away from your family, I know I did initially too, but your children will thank you when you have more patience, your energy levels have  increased, you will thank yourself when your not finishing that pack of biscuits at 3pm so you have the energy to get through to bedtime, when your skin is clearer, when the brain fog clears, your energy levels improves, you can run around with the children/grand children. 

Through our Virtual Fitness Community, I will give you everything you need to become both healthier and fitter, without sacrificing time away from your family - 30 minutes is all you need, and a little space at home! 


A successful health and fitness journey comes down to three simple things:

1️⃣ Your ‘Why’. What is your reason for wanting to change or

improve your health and fitness?

2️⃣ Having the right tools at your finger tips

3️⃣ The right environment and support for long term success

🖊 When it comes to ‘Why’ this is always very personal, but with most successful wellness

journeys it comes from wanting to make a positive change for family or wellbeing reasons

rather than a short term reason such as preparing for a particular occasion.

I base this on speaking to all the women in my groups.

🥙 The right tools is so important. It can often be confusing with so much information

and ‘quick fixes’ available. I believe that eating properly, fuelling your body with proper

foods 80% of the time. It does not have to be ‘all or nothing’! It is not all about the calorie deficit either. Eating proper foods, and removing toxins & chemicals from your body can improve your health and wellbeing immensly within a few weeks. Eliminating toxins and chemicals can reduce inflammation which causes numerous health conditions too!

💪🏻 When it comes to exercise, I believe that weight training is one of the best things you can do for you as a woman - especially if your over 30, and variety is key to keep you challenged and motivated long term. Weight training also builds lean muscle mass which increases your metabolism and burns fat, which is key if your wishing to lose weight.

Last but not least is having the correct support around you to ensure your success, and this is why I have my private support groups where you have access to my team and I 24/7 but more importantly where you can share your journey- the highs and lows with women just like you.

⚡️Everything I’ve mentioned is included in our online program! You’ll get access to the best workouts available- over 1000, with something suitable for everyone whether your a beginner or already on a fitness journey and looking to switch it up. You will also get access to a bank of recipes which includes gluten free, vegetarian and vegan too!

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Try it for FREE for 14 days, and if you don’t love it cancel within 14 days and you will not be charged.

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