About Me



Most days you can find me sitting on my laptop, in front of the fire, answering clients emails with a cold cup of coffee all whilst trying to ward off cuddles from Harley my Great Dane - I don't mean to be mean but have you ever tried working with a Great Dane sitting on your knee! 

I am most known for my love of fitness, a one time mad ultra runner, who after injury, decided to turn her love of fitness into an online business.

I use my love of fitness as an excuse to travel. Running Ultra marathons and marathons was once an excuse to travel the world, but now my business ventures has replaced this and I've been rewarded several trips including a Caribbean Cruise and dinner with the CEO of a top fitness company! 

I love serving others by helping them lead a healthier life and overcoming the struggles related to body image. I live to help people reach their own health and fitness goals and encouraging them to find confidence within.

I am very passionate about family,  and  empowering women to be the best version of themselves by promoting a positive body image, supporting Undiet and Reset Your Metabolism. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams and they just need the self belief to go chase those them! ​

I'd love to get to know you better!