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Join Train With MrsF

Let Me Lead You To Be Your ​Strongest Self Yet With A Personalised Online Training Program, Nutrition Guidance, Recipes, Accountability and Support. 

Stop Obsessing & 
Get Sustainable Results.


Our 12 Week Nutrition Program puts you in control and provides you with actionable steps to create daily habits to achieve your goals.

Within the program we cover a range of topics from emotional eating to eating out, you'll have everything you need to take control and end dieting.

Teamed with support and accountability you'll reach your goals easily without feeling deprived or restricted. 

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 Join Train With MrsF 

Ready to Start Strength Training, but don't know where to begin?

Join Train With MrsF to get a plan tailored to your needs and goals - No more generic plans which you struggle with and which don't align with your goals.

1:You'll always have a plan; No more wandering around feeling aimless. When you have a program to follow you workout with purpose. This will help you feel more confident and reach your goals

2: Instead of searching pintrest or you tube for exercises, and piecing together which exercises to do, how many set and reps you should be doing, you'll get a program designed especially for you by me and delivered within my app.

3: When you don't have a program you don't see as much progress. My programs all incorporate progressive overload so you can see yourself advancing as well as keeping you engaged and on track for your goals.

4: It will help prevent injury. A good program ensures that you are not over(or under exercising), and going at a pace that's suitable for you so you can make improvements without pushing yourself too hard.

If you're interested in joining The Train With MrsF Program, complete the enquiry form linked below and I will be in touch.

A Note From MrsF

Train With MrsF started as I believe all women should feel strong and confident, and should not be living life on a constant diet.

I do not prey on others insecurities,  but focus on building  strength both physically and mentally - the stronger you feel physically, the stronger you are mentally.

I aim to make strength training accessible for all with my workout packages which are specifically designed for you so they can be done at a time and place to suit you with whatever equipment you have available, but if you prefer the gym they can be done there too! 

To hear more from me sign up for our newsletter.

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Fantastic Support, and has really helped guide me in the right direction.


Since working with Karen, my everyday life is so much better. I have so much excess energy, and my confidence shines through.

Anyone looking to start a new journey to better health, I can't recommend Karen Highly enough.


Karen takes her role very seriously and wants the very best for her clients, and wants them to achieve their personal gaols.

She is very understanding and encouraging.

I'd recommend Karen to anyone.

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